Restore the Truth: Justice for Patrick Bradford


Evansville police officer Patrick Bradford was charged and convicted for the 1992 murder of his girlfriend Tammy Lohr. Although Tammy had been stabbed 21 times and her body and bed doused with gasoline and burned, there was not a single item of physical evidence to link Patrick to the crime: not a drop of blood or gasoline, or a single hair, fiber, or fingerprint. There was no murder weapon and not a single witness to this unthinkable crime. Still, Patrick Bradford was convicted of this murder and arson based on flimsy circumstantial evidence and an utterly unscientific arson investigation. He was sentenced to eighty years in prison and has served nearly twenty years of that sentence; all the while adamantly maintaining his innocence. His incarceration continues despite newly discovered arson evidence that exonerates him beyond a doubt.


An informational site dedicated to the pursuit of justice for Tammy Lohr (1967-1992), whose brutal murder remains shamefully and willfully unsolved…

And Patrick Bradford, the hero police officer who was corruptly prosecuted and wrongfully convicted for the crime.


Justice is manifest Truth; where Justice is perverted, Truth must be restored.